When you have a child that loves Thomas the Train, why not use this as a theme for his or her party? There are many accessories you can include that make the party much more festive and which he or she would love, and that will make it memorable for the other guests.


You don't want to simply buy all the Thomas the Train accessories you see without some planning and forethought; this won't make the party enjoyable or memorable, and you may wind up with items you don't need. You may also forget some important items and overlook some details as well.

There are many ways to incorporate Thomas the Train accessories to any party and a little bit of planning will help to make it the best. To make your Thomas the Train themed party truly memorable, consider a few simple tips that are now being used by some of the best party planners working today.

Candy Buffets

Many parties today have a candy buffet, and this can be a great alternative to the standard cake or dessert table. A candy buffet is a table set up with large glass containers filled with bulk candy items and scoops. You can dress this up with Thomas the Train items such as stickers on the containers and on the tablecloth.

Use Thomas the Train bowls for the candy buffet table; this is how the guests help themselves. You can also get wooden trains to set up around the candy items. Find some Thomas the Train toys and wrap those around as well for a very festive touch.

Don't overdo it as the candy itself should be the main attraction and no doubt that's what the kids will be concentrating on anyway!

Favors and Take-Home Gifts

Many parties today include take home gifts and favors for the guests, and there are many ways to incorporate the Thomas the Train theme. Visit retailers and get very inexpensive coloring books and wrap them individually for all the kids to take home.

A small wooden train car can also be appreciated by any of the children, or you can choose a full-color storybook, pencils, erasers, and other small items. Be sure to give one out to each child as they go home and they'll be sure to remember and appreciate your Thomas the Train theme.


You can also encourage all the children to dress up for the Thomas the Train party. If they don't want to do actual costumes, just encourage them to find something that is appropriate for the train theme. Overalls, a neck scarf, or even a large paper bag decorated to look like a train can be appropriate!

You can also buy simple Thomas the Train costumes and accessories for your child if he or she wants to make the day even more special. Have him or her dress up as the conductor or as Thomas for some real flair on their special day.