Boys and girls of all ages may enjoy a Thomas the Tank party for their next birthday; some grownups may also enjoy the whimsy of such a themed party as well. Having a theme can give you hints on what decorations to buy and how to plan the party; you can even have the children dress up in costume or wear something that is appropriate for an engineer.


Just buying some Thomas the Tank items and spreading them around the party room will not be enough to really have the best party possible. You may even find you're a bit overloaded with decorations and items, and you may get items you don't really need once the party arrives.

Planning a fun and festive party means giving it some thought beforehand so you really add flair without going overboard on the Thomas the Tank items.

One thing to consider is that you should look at your venue or location and really think about how to decorate. Table covers are somewhat standard, but what about centerpieces? You can add Thomas the Tank balloons and mix these in with solid color balloons so you're not overloaded with graphics. Use weights at the table to keep them in place; these are available at any party supply store where you buy other Thomas the Tank items.

Another consideration is how to add some Thomas the Tank flair to corners of the rooms that need some brightening. A balloon column can match your centerpieces; you can also use life-size cutouts as well. If you have windows in the room, add some stickers or lettering to make them festive.

You can also have the children color in Thomas the Tank coloring books during the party and then hang up those pictures as well. A candy buffet is a popular option these days for parties and you can add this to your Thomas the Tank engine party as well. A candy buffet is made by having large glass containers you fill with bulk candy and then providing small bowls so the kids can scoop their own.

With smaller children you can be modest about the candies provided and the size of the glass containers, but decorate the table and containers with Thomas the Tank stickers. Choose colors for the tablecloths that coordinate with the theme but keep them simple as you want the candy to really stand out.

You can also use Thomas the Tank accessories for decorations. Small toys with this theme can be spread around the tables; string a train around the gift table for added flair. Use larger pieces for centerpieces, if you have the budget for it.

When shopping for Thomas the Tank balloons, find ones that are shaped like the train, not just those that have the theme on the front. This will really help you to add flair to your party without going overboard with decorations so that everyone enjoys themselves.