If you're planning a party for a child of any age, you may want to consider a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. Perfect for both boys and girls, this beloved set of children's books and cartoons have recognizable characters that are perfect for a party.

There is virtually an endless supply of ideas for creating a Thomas the Tank Engine theme for your party as well. You're not stuck simply with a few characters on plates and cups but you can have amazing centerpieces and decorations and even costumes that would work to make the party memorable.

With a little bit of planning and some creativity you may find that your Thomas the Tank Engine party is the envy of all your child's friends, and you may even want to think about a kitschy party like this for a grown-up as well! To really make your Thomas the Tank Engine party the best, consider a few simple tips.

Have a Candy Buffet

A candy buffet is just that - a table set up with jars and bowls of bulk candy that people scoop into small bowls for themselves like any other buffet. These started out at weddings as a way for guests to make up bags of candy to take home as favors, but they've become a staple at many other parties today.

You can easily create one for your Thomas the Tank Engine party, but you need to do some planning. This is because bulk candy and containers can get expensive, and you don't want to overdo it. If you're having a Thomas the Tank Engine party for kids, you don't need too many varieties of candy and remember they'll probably still have cake as well. Choose four or five standard varieties of candy that will appeal to children.

Look around your house for containers you can use and then shop at discount stores if you must buy items. Decorate them with Thomas the Tank Engine stickers; use a disposable tablecloth for this table and decorate that with stickers as well.

Have Some Giveaways

It's good for children to have something they can take home with them when you have a Thomas the Tank Engine party. This too can easily become a problem if you overdo it, so give it some consideration beforehand.

Small gift bags with just a few items can be sufficient. Or, pick out some very inexpensive Thomas the Tank Engine coloring books and wrap them in cheap wrapping paper for each child to take home. You can also find Thomas the Tank Engine balloons that they may enjoy; these can be used for decoration and then each child can take one home at the end of the party.

Giving each child something to take home is a good way for them to continue to enjoy the party long after it's over. This will make your Thomas the Tank Engine party something your child will appreciate as well.