When you have a child that loves trains, it's often recommended that you get a train table for them to play on; this keeps the trains up off the floor and keeps their toys organized and neat.

It's also good to have a train table for a child because carpet may be too lumpy and uneven for them to even enjoy their toy. The wheels of the cars may also get caught in the carpet fibers and ruin the toys and the carpet as well.

Using a train table means keeping the carpet clean and in good repair. It can also be more comfortable for children when you have wooden floorboards, as these are very rough on their little knees when they're trying to play.

It's also not very hygienic to have children on the floor where there is dust, dirt, pet hair, and so on.

When you're shopping for a train table, it's good to keep a few simple points in mind. They are not all created equally and of course you want something that will last and that will work well for the toys the children have.

In many cases you can get a train table that doubles as a play place for the children which makes it an even better investment for you.

One important reminder is that often a brand specific train table is meant to be used with certain brands of trains. Many are made to be compatible with certain other brands but they may not fit the tracks and grooves that are already built into a train table.

If you're shopping and notice that a product is advertised as being compatible with certain brands, or if you have specific brands of toy trains, be sure you check these brand names and don't assume.

If you do want to get the most out of the money spent on a train table, be sure to check and see if it can be used for other purposes; many allow the cover to be flipped over to a smooth side or they have pieces that can be removed so the table is flat.

It's also good to find one that folds up when not in use so it can be put away such as under a bed or in a closet. If you don't have a dedicated playroom or play space for the children, search for a train table that can be put away easily.

A good train table can also make for a great gift for parents who may not think of getting something like this for themselves; they may not even realize such a thing exists and would probably appreciate it once they receive it.

You might also consider having a folding train table in the house if you're a grandparent or someone that has children over regularly; it gives them a place to play that keeps their toys organized and out from underfoot, and keeps them off the floor as well.