If you've never heard of them before, Melissa and Doug are a married couple that began a toy making and distributing company out of Doug's parent's garage many years ago, and have since expanded their company to become nationally known and recognized.

Today, Melissa and Doug make and distribute a wide variety of toys and items for children, from educational items to classics like wooden blocks and tool sets and baby dolls. They still strive to run their company as efficiently as they did when they were headquartered in a cramped garage, and also strive to keep the quality of their toys as untouched as possible.

You can easily purchase Melissa and Doug toy sets from their website, and may also want to consider getting compatible toys that fit their particular items as well. One reason to consider getting compatible items is that Melissa and Doug toys are already widely circulated among children everywhere, and so chances are they will have some train sets or toy cars from this company.

Being able to use new items that work well and that fit with these will make any child happy and will give these other Melissa and Doug toys new life.

It's also good to remember that many Melissa and Doug toys are already meant to be compatible with other nationally known brands, such as Thomas and Friends and Brio. If you were to purchase items that are compatible with Melissa and Doug toys you may see that they fit many items in a child's toy chest already.Before you shop for Melissa and Doug compatible toys, be sure that you're getting something appropriate for the child.

Wooden blocks and train sets are nice for young children but not for babies that may hurt themselves with these items. Soft, plush toys are always good for the youngest children and other Melissa and Doug toys may need to be put away until the child is ready to safely play with them. If you're not a parent yourself, you may want to think about asking the parents for their input.

You might also want to ask if there are any toys in particular that would suit the child when it comes to Melissa and Doug compatible items. Maybe they love their train sets or their wooden tools and tool sets.

If they do love their trains, consider some tracks and other accessories to help them really build it up to something they would love even more. Or they may have a dollhouse they love and would appreciate some Melissa and Doug compatible doll furniture to go with that. Be sure that the toys you choose are actually Melissa and Doug compatible; the website or box that they come in should state this name specifically.

Don't assume that all small wooden trains are alike! Shop around and take the opportunity to choose a few items and this will make the child really appreciate the gifts you give.