When you're looking for gifts for children, of course you have a virtually endless variety of choices. This means not just items but brands, and Brio is one brand that has stood the test of time for many years.

Their wooden trains and toys are appreciated by parents and children alike, and there are many reasons to consider them as gift items for anyone on your list.You may not have heard of Brio trains and other wooden toys and this is because they're not always sold in mass market retail stores, where cheap plastic items are often the norm.

Toys that are cheaply produced are often the favorite choice of store owners, but they may not be the favorite choice of parents and gift recipients.

With so many safety warnings and recall notices regarding toys today, it's good to consider why Brio is a better choice and why they may actually last longer than those cheap plastic items.

Safety of the Toys

One thing to consider is that Brio wooden trains and toys are made only from clear-grained, kiln dried, insecticide free and toxin free, beech wood and birch wood. This means you have far fewer concerns over the safety of these toys even when it comes to plastic items which may be filled with toxins.

Children are known to put toys in their mouths and to chew on them, and cheap items may mean breaking down and releasing those toxins. With Brio wooden trains and toys you have far fewer worries about these hazards.

Brio also never uses stick-on decals for their toys, something else to consider especially for young children who can actually choke on these. Instead, their toys are stamped with layers of non-toxic paint that are virtually harmless and which won't come off in the child's mouth.

Whatever You Need

The Brio name is also appreciated by those who need gift ideas because it's easy to find something for everyone. Small wooden toys are great for younger children and then trains and tracks can mean teaching older ones coordination as they build those tracks.

Because they're so well made and are meant to last for years, it's not unusual for Brio toys to be handed down from one generation to the next, or for families to circulate them when more children arrive.

You can also dress up your gift ideas of Brio toys and trains by using them at a shower or party as centerpieces and decorations. Wrap a train track around the gift table and put a bow on one end. Stack blocks and wooden toys up to spell a child's name. You can also use them to decorate the buffet table or the eating tables, if you use your imagination.

Shop around for Brio toys and trains and keep these ideas in mind and you'll soon realize there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to gift ideas and suggestions, no matter the child or the occasion.