When you're considering a theme party for a boy or a girl, you may want to think about Thomas and Friends, the beloved characters from books and cartoons. These characters are easily recognized by just about all children and give parents a wide range of possibilities when it comes to decorating and accessories.

You may immediately think that to have a Thomas and Friends party, you simply need to get some plates and cups with these characters all over them. However, this won't add that special flair or spark and won't make for a memorable party. Your children may not even remember that you had Thomas and Friends at the party if you don't "jazz things up" a bit.

To add some real flair to a party and make it memorable and fun for everyone, consider a few simple tips. These will help you to have an enjoyable party that includes Thomas and Friends and that everyone will be sure to remember.

Centerpieces and Decorations

One good way to add some flair is with your centerpieces and decorations. Don't just buy Thomas and Friends plates and cups but think of how you can introduce the character and the strong colors of this cartoon to your party. As an example, because the character is a train, consider using wooden train pieces to curl around the items on the gift table.

Get Thomas and Friends balloons and cluster them as centerpieces on each table; if this gets to be too expensive, do this at one main table and then use plain balloons in complementary colors on the other tables.

Decorations in the Thomas and Friends theme are easy to find but remember not to go overboard on these items. Pick out some very strong items as your main decorations and then choose balloons, streamers, and items like these in complementary colors but without decorative design. This will help those Thomas and Friends themed decorations to really stand out without everything being overpowering.

Other Party Ideas

Today's parties are about more than just having the kids get together for cake. Most expect games, characters, and things such as these. Consider having someone dress up in a Thomas and Friends costume or dress as a train conductor.

Have a Piata with the characters on them. Make up goody bags with some toys with the Thomas and Friends characters; these can be very inexpensive erasers, coloring books, stickers, bouncy balls, and so on.

Once you start shopping for items you may see there is virtually no limit to what you can purchase.Consider a Thomas and Friends candy buffet for your party as well. A few jars of bulk candy with some stickers to decorate them can go a long way towards having the kids remember your party forever!

These simple tips will help you to have the best Thomas and Friends themed party and to ensure that all your guests will enjoy themselves as well.